In PVC production we are using GEALAN system, which is extremely modern and elegant solution that meet the high demands and provide a personalized atmosphere of the apartment. Our windows and doors made on GEALAN system have an excellent thermal performance, a high sound insulation and the burglary protection.

  • Gealan S8000 IQ

    The system GEALAN S8000 IQ has a four or six chambers with a depth of 74mm to meet all the requirements of modern technology. The window has a very good thermal insulation properties and an effective system of protection against noise and burglars.

  • GEALAN NL Plus

    System of frames designed especially for the purposes of traditional Dutch architecture.

    • Wide (115mm)
    • Come with different types of sashes (flush surface, semi-staggered or staggered);
    • 74 mm thick sashes allows to mount up to 45 mm wide glass panels;
    • Perfect heat penetration rate values may be obtained thanks to thicker glass panels
    • Dutch frames are widely appreciated for their solid and tough construction, steel reinforcements placed internally allow for production of large windows with high static values.

    Available are Frame NL Plus:
    - Window frames (opening outwards and inwards)
    - Door frames with low aluminium doorstep (opening outwards and inwards)
    - Also, there is a possibility to construct “dual-colour” windows
    - (e.g. cream-coloured frame with a green wings )
    - Wide range of acrycolours and veneers (colour and faux wood).


    The S9000 KombiSystem from GEALAN is a combined system and featuring a construction depth of 83 mm – combines the characteristics and benefits of central and stop seals in equal measure. The large construction depth, six profile chambers in the window frame and profile and three integrated sealing levels guarantee excellent thermal insulation.


    In our production we are using the system of restoration frames for the installation of windows without the need to remove the old frames.The 6-chamber profile system and the construction depth of 74 mm, fits triple-pane windows.


    The GECCO (GEALAN CLIMA CONTROL) ventilation system prevents mould growth by ensuring the basic air exchange and saves energy through controlled ventilation. The GECCO ventilation system provides a closed room with fresh air, prevents heat loss and exterior noise – even when you are absent.


    GEALAN offers a wide range of colours and veneers available: wood grain finish (RENOLIT veneer), white or in other colour to be chosen from RAL colour chart (painted with acrylic paints), one or double-sided, also covered with acrylcolor layer.

    Available in a wide selection of renolits and acrylcolor tones and wood decors (others available on request).

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